I'm Roya!
A Nerd Designer Who:

. Thinks
. Observes
. Researches
. Arranges
. Combines
. Creates
. Designs
. Solves Problems

In Her Daily Life!



About me

I’m Roya, a designer.

My story started with the choice of graphic design 8 years ago, but it was not limited to graphics. I entered art school with a little knowledge of graphics, I studied in the best universities, and now, after 8 years of studying in this environment, I am still eager to learn a drop from the infinite sea of art. Graphics taught me that in the art world, various factors are important and not just one specific factor determines to achieve effectiveness of artworks, designers need to have a good understanding of other factors, such as: Society, mindset and taste of the target audience, various methods and modern tools which are aligned with the advancement of technology.

I have learned to make progress every day to be an influential artist, and I never felt that learning was enough. So I upgraded my knowledge in different environments and learned the latest methods and tools in the field of design also gained experience in professional and startup environments to benefit from marketing methods at the same time. I currently work as a visual design specialist in the largest private company in Iran called MTN Irancell and at the same time I continue my freelance projects in the fields of visual identity design of organizations, user interface design, motion graphic design and fashion design. After years of study and work, I can claim to be an artist who turns your raw goals and ideas into colorful dreams.

I am with you for coloring your dreams.

What I Do

Branding Design :

I will accompany you from the beginning of the marketing process by creating your organization’s visual identity. I will also do my best to utilize the best methods to portray your purposes in order to leave a lasting and unique image compared to your competitors, in the mind of your target audience.

Graphic design :

Any message conveyed by organizations to their target audience requires its own appropriate media and the principled use of visual communication rules. As a consultant and advertising designer, I am with your marketing team to accurately implement the goals in media such as city billboards, wall posters, and social media visual contents to capture the audience's attention and influence their minds.

Video-clip Design :

Due to significant advancement of technology and its undeniable capacity in influencing the mind of target audience, the proper use of video clips in various formats such as: teasers, motion graphics and stop-motions is the fastest and most powerful way to introduce products and services of organizations. I am with you from the time of writing the scenario and designing the storyboard to the time of execution.

Other branches of art :

Due to the differences between each project and its appropriate media, sometimes as needed, I am with you in other branches of art, such as: space and product photography, typographic and texture design of clothing, interior decoration items design, calligraphy in Kufic script and etc.